Stephen Odzer, Supports His Community With His Products

Stephen Odzer
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How the CEO of Buy Lifeguard, Stephen Odzer, Supports His Community With His Products

Stephen Odzer has worked with many businesses over the years, and his recent pairing with Buy Lifeguard has been a fruitful one. As the CEO of this company, he has worked hard to provide the kind of services he knows his community deserves. The products and services that this company creates have helped in the fight against Covid-19 and look to help communities for years to come.

How Buy Lifeguard and Stephen Odzer Help

Ever since 18, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY has been a successful business person and a charity professional who continually gives back to his community. With 30 years of experience behind his belt, he took over the reins of Buy Lifeguard, a company that he firmly believes provides the kinds of services that are so critical for our challenging and sometimes even dangerous times.

Buy Lifeguard is a trusted vendor of a variety of different safety and protection items. They have provided various help options during the pandemic, steps that Stephen Odzer knows have made a difference. For example, they provide very high-quality multi-purpose wipes that help to minimize the dangers of viral spread. These wipes help eliminate Covid-19 viruses, a step that Stephen Odzer has insisted is critical for protecting the health and well-being of his community around him.

Stephen Odzer and Buy Lifeguard also provide hand sanitizer in reasonably priced bottles. They specifically focus on bulk orders for stores or people who want to stock up on these products. For instance, Stephen Odzer has tried to get many local communities to invest in Buy Lifeguard products and donate them to people struggling to find hand sanitizer at reasonable prices.

However, Stephen Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY and Buy Lifeguard have also expanded their product line to include a surprising array of different options. For example, they provide medical masks directly to doctors and hospitals to keep them safe during surgery and treatment. These masks can then easily be adapted for use by everyday people struggling to fight the dangers of Covid-19 in their community.

Buy Lifeguard sells many alcoholic wipes, something that Stephen Odzer knows many people forget when keeping their community and home safe. These wipes can be used not only in businesses but in homes, providing maximum sanitation benefits by focusing a large amount of sterilizing alcohol on surfaces that need to be cleaned, such as food-preparation areas.

It is this type of community-centered approach that attracted Stephen Odzer to Buy Lifeguard in the first place. His charitable drive and desire to help those who need it have made him focus on businesses that affect people in tangible ways. And by working with Buy Lifeguard, Stephen Odzer knows that he can make a genuine difference in the world around him.

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Stephen Odzer

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